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Investing In Community Resilience In Uncertain Times

Our Mission

Resilience Planning In Kootenai County

Knowing that preparation is key to not just meeting but overcoming challenges facing Kootenai County, we are committed to organizing our beloved community for greater resilience, civil strength, and neighborly collaboration.

Kootenai Stability and Resilience Group In North Idaho

Investing In Community Stability

Community resilience is vital to the well-being of Kootenai County. A prepared community can withstand and recover from adverse events, such as natural disasters or economic downturns.

By investing in community resilience, we can help ensure that Kootenai County remains strong and vibrant, even in the face of adversity.

The Kootenai Stability & Resilience Group is working around the clock on plans and actions to posture the county for response to a significant crisis.

By contributing to this volunteer group, you can help ensure that our community is better equipped to survive and thrive in environments previously thought unimaginable.

Our Vision

Building a Resilient Future

Empowered by shared local values, we seek to stabilize and fortify our community no matter the obstacle. Americans who take strength from God and our Constitution, we seek to provide hope, clarity, direction, and grassroots advocacy to ensure our safety and prosperity, both now and generationally.

About KSRG CDA Idaho

E+72=Fairgrounds Concept

Event – (Any Major Event that disrupts our community and communications.)
72 hours to handle immediate needs and assess situation (no travel unless emergency.)
Fairgrounds – If able, join community at the County Fairgrounds.
If communications exist, information will be pushed by all means possible throughout this period.

Our Three Phases

Initial Phase

Immediate crisis response

Our most critical phase. Depending on the scenario, potentially, thousands of citizens may personally realize they lack what’s needed to survive. Unfortunately, some may consider violence and crime as rational options. This danger must be responsibly thwarted.

Mid Phase

Developing durable solutions

Here we must transition to more durable solutions. An example may be to convert early barter systems to a metals-backed, electronic transaction system (aka CDA Token). It may behoove us to creating community farms and teams to rebuild needed sustainability.

Long Term Phase

Preparing for An Open-Ended Future

We all want a return to the previous “normal.” However, if that is not a viable reality, innovative solutions will be designed for this next phase, addressing updated conditions—whatever they may be. The key is community collaboration; after all: We are stronger together.

Sense of Urgency

At KSRG, our mission is to promote community preparedness and develop “worst-case” scenario plans that are actionable. We believe that immediate stabilization operations, enables impactful mitigation of disasters leading to a more sustainable recovery and future for all.

Our objectives include providing education and training on emergency preparedness, coordinating with and supplementing local agencies to develop effective response plans, and strategies that stabilize, and transition the community to long term resilience.

In the early planning and operational stages, we will create and foster a culture of preparedness that will enable us to withstand and recover from any crisis that may come our way.

Contact Us Today – Together, We’re Stronger

Step forward to safeguard your community’s future. At KSRG, we’re dedicated to fostering a network of proactive individuals united for resilience. If you’re ready to contribute, have questions, or need guidance on disaster preparedness, we’re here to listen and collaborate. Your skills, questions, and commitment can drive us towards a safer tomorrow.

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